For millenia the constellations above have served as devices for constructing meaning. Comprised from the brightest stars perceived by ancient peoples, they have come to represent the most significant figures in mythology through the simple act of connecting the dots most present in the night sky.  Yet the perceived image of a constellation is in fact a misreading that projects and flattens the true distance of stars onto a single plane, and in so doing produces a familiar figure in its collective assemblage. 

Guided by the lessons of the stars, the proposal combines familiar, known forms with the unyielding site of Roccascalegna to produce novel architectures. In its projection on to the mountainous site, the circle stretches and contorts; never quite completing itself. Yet, still, its figuration appears here and there with its legibility emerging momentarily in the spiraling swell up toward the fortress. Along its perimeter, the observatory houses and shared elements are instantiated, pulling toward one another and pointing toward the heavens. The individual elements, each with their own leanings and dispositions, indulge in a collective enterprise; together constructing new meaning for the observatory village of Roccascalegna. 

Competition, Honorable Mention      
Roccascalegna, Italy
Year: 2017